Wiring Harness


Automobile Wiring Harness

We are specialized in production of Automotive wiring harness and  assemblies for Two, Three and Four wheelers – Head Light, Wiring Harness Assemblies


Home Appliance Wiring Harness

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Communication Cables

RJ45 & RJ11 cables are used to transmit the signal within machine’s. We provide those communication cables for OEM’s of Textile machine manufacturer, Telecommunication & Security services.

Textile Industry

Textile Wiring Harness

We supply the wiring harness for OEM of Textile machine manufacturer. Here the harness is used to transfer the signal between group of sensor’s unit


Electronics device Wiring Harness

We support the harness to Electronic control devices to transmit the signal to all parts of the control unit. Our harness is used to connect the all types of sensor and control devices.


Water Purifier Plant Wiring Harness

We supply the wiring harness for OEM of Water Treatment Plant. KSU Cartel provide the wiring harness with special process  to avoid short circuit, Terminals corrosion from water leakage.