Following an ISO 9001:2015  KSU Harnexon gives high priority to control the quality of harness  components. 

Once Production is complete, each individual wiring harness assembly must under go our standard testing procedures. This step is crucial in ensuring the final product be qualified and performs 100% reliably and to ensure high quality delivery.

"Quality Improvement is the responsibility of every employee"

Quality Policy:

KSU Harnexon is committed to satisfy the need and expectation of the customer on quality, delivery through continual improvement in process and system by involving people and suppliers.

Quality Assurance:

We resolutely trust, quality does not come on the way. It’s a commitment that should be laid into hard work to attain the landmark. It is this credence that route the company’s approach to quality assurance. The quality assurance methods such as advanced product quality plan, statistical process control techniques, effective tool management system, process capability studies.